Our Solutions


  • Eliminate taxpayer funding for elective abortion here and abroad.
  • Redirect federal funding of Planned Parenthood to health centers that are not involved in abortion.
  • Make pro-life policies a priority at the federal level.
  • Resist the push for physician assisted suicide (PAS).
  • Protect the conscience rights of doctors, nurses, and other medical practitioners.


  • Congress should work to limit federal intervention, which is rightly within the purview of state and local governments.
  • Oppose implementation of the harmful Equality Act in schools.


  • Pass a balanced budget mechanism with teeth to end the creeping government takeover of our society.
  • Restore the Federal Reserve to its core mission of stabilizing the dollar and the financial system.
  • Restore regulatory balance, Starting with Trump’s 2-for-1 rule for repealing outdated rules and then moving on to establish a permanent agency to repeal outdated mandates.
  • Rein in federal bureaucrats through civil service reform (and where feasible, by returning federal powers to states and local governments) so that they must stop sabotaging votersĀ“ wishes.
  • Scrutinize grants and handouts to left-wing activist groups and crony companies that use tax dollars to impose a socialist agenda on Americans.

Florida Voting Rights

  • Require all voters to present photographic identification, issued by the federal, state, or local government, when they vote at their polling place and to send copies of such identification.
  • Require all voters in federal elections to present photo-graphic identification, issued by the federal, state, local, or tribal government, when they vote at their polling place and to send copies of such identification (or their driver’s license or non-driver’s identification card number) when submitting an absentee ballot).  Such ID should be provided free of charge to those who request it for voting purposes. Allow state election officials to verify the U.S. citizenship of registered voters by making the Social Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) databases available to those officials.
  • Require all federal courts to notify state election officials when individuals whose names are drawn from their voter registration rolls are excused from jury duty because they are not U.S. citizens and to notify the U.S. Department of Justice for investigation and possible prosecution of such cases.
  • Amend the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 to allow states to strike individuals who have not voted in two consecutive federal elections from the voter rolls. These individuals must previously have been informed in writing that they will be removed unless they contact election officials by a certain time.  Amend the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 to clarify that states may require proof of citizenship from individuals who are registering to vote.
  • Require DHS to provide the Department of Justice with all of the information it has on non-citizens who have registered for or voted in elections. Not only should aliens who have illegally registered or voted have their visas revoked and their citizenship applications rejected, but the Justice Department needs to investigate and prosecute noncitizens who have violated federal law.  Sunset the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, a federal agency created in 2002 to administer a one-time grant of federal funds to the states. Having this superfluous federal agency in place will tempt Congress to give it expanded authority to impose federal mandates through federal regulations, which could lead eventually to the complete takeover of the election process by the federal government.
  • Direct the Department of Defense to create voter registration offices on all military installations to provide voting.