Christine Quinn

As a business owner I understand first hand the needs of small businesses.

The Federal Government passed legislation that puts undue hardship and burdens through licensing fees and other regulations that inhibits growth and profits. Christine wants to go to DC to stop legislation that is suffocating manufacturing in America. She wants to bring back American made manufacturing so they can thrive and grow.

Christine will bring experience, knowledge, wisdom and good old common sense back to Our Country! It’s time to stop talking about the problems and start to implement solutions.

Quinn has owned many successful small businesses. In 2005, using recipes passed down in her family for generations, Quinn founded My Family’s Seasonings. The Pinellas County based company produces and sells all-natural seasonings throughout the world, with products available online and in major retail grocery stores.

Christine Quinn lives in Clearwater, Florida. She has three daughters and one son. She is also the grandmother of six granddaughters and one grandson.