Christine Quinn for Congress

13th District of Florida


Christine Quinn is a Pinellas County businesswoman and civic leader. She was born the sixth of eight children, growing up in California. Her father was an electrical engineer with McDonnell Douglas and was instrumental in the design and manufacturing of the Space Station. Her mother was a journalist and owner of a small printing business, while also raising her children.

Christine graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a Bachelor’s of Science in Child Development with a minor in Biological Science. She was inspired by her parents at a young age to be civically active, volunteering for Catholic Charities and Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign.

Quinn has owned many successful small businesses. In 2005, using recipes passed down in her family for generations, Quinn founded My Family’s Seasonings. The Tampa Bay-area company produces and sells all-natural seasonings throughout the world, with products available online and in major retail grocery stores.

Christine Quinn lives in Tampa, Florida. She has three daughters and one son. Camden, the oldest, is a school teacher, Allison is the Vice President of My Family’s Seasonings, Nicole owns and operates the manufacturing company, and her son Nicholas is currently in college. She is also the grandmother of six granddaughters and one grandson.


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Create Jobs

America’s economy is our best weapon against poverty. We must create an environment where businesses can thrive. Congress should enact legislation that reduces job-killing taxes and regulations, enabling more Americans to enjoy their own American dream via economic growth.

Expand Education Options

Our children deserve an education tailored to their individual needs. No child is the same, no career is the same, so our education for each child should not be the same. Parents and students should be given the opportunity to select from a wide range of options when it comes to education and training.  Investments in early childhood learning, diverse education delivery models, civics, financial literacy, and vocational options should be embraced.


Support Military & Veterans

America can help maintain peace through strength, and this means our military must have ample resources to operate, innovate, and project strength.  We must not only support the men and women of our armed forces as they serve but also after they serve. America should treat our military Veterans with the dignity and respect they deserve for their honorable service to our nation.

Lower Health Care Costs

Heath care costs are far too high, limiting access for millions of Americans. In order to reduce costs we must expand health insurance options, have pricing transparency, eliminate red tape, and open up competition.


Protect Freedom

In recent years our First and Second Amendment freedoms have come under attack. It is essential for a thriving Republic to maintain both the right of free speech and the right to defend themselves from threats. The Constitution of the United States of America protects the inalienable rights of citizens from government intervention, ensuring those rights are everlasting.

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